About us

Dynamic, targeted and experienced

Today, we work regardless of any vendor for customers all over the globe.

We grew up with the highest requirements from the aviation sector in order to convince today with IT services in the sectors of desktop and self-service solutions for all types of business in Europe.

Our standard

We generate significant reduction of effort in the IT sector for our customers for whom we ensure the highest availability of the equipment. In addition, we offer a comprehensive portfolio regarding fields of activities and service level.

Development of the company until today

Today, we are a multivendor and intersectoral company. It all started at the airports environment. Follow our path through history.



New successes

Long-term major service order within the public transport sector and substantial order for self-service bag drop systems (SBDO) at airports


IER GmbH becomes independent

Management buy out by Mr. Bajus in order to ensure further diversification of IER GmbHs service business, 50 employees


Growth in EUC und HNS business

The business units EUC and HNS care about more than 20 customers


Change of strategy:

Change of strategy from IER-product oriented services towards multivendor IT services


End User Computing (EUC) und Hybrid Network Services (HNS)

Creation of the business units End User Computing (EUC) and Hybrid Network Services (HNS) and gaining of initial major customers


Frankfurt (Main) airport

Order for on-site CUTE services at Frankfurt (Main) airport, 40 employees


Berlin Schönefeld and Tegel airports

Order for on-site CUTE services at the airports of Berlin (Schönefeld and Tegel), 25 employees


Bremen airport

Order for on-site CUTE services at Bremen airport


Leipzig airport

Order for on-site CUTE services at Leipzig airport


Scandinavia and Baltics

Take-over of the service responsibility for Scandinavia and Baltics within the IER group by take-over of the IER branch office in Scandinavia.


Frankfurt (Main) and Munich airports

Order for servicing the first ever self-boarding system in Europe for a well-known German airline at the airports of Frankfurt (Main) and Munich.


Hamburg airport

Contract for on-site CUTE services at Hamburg airport


Integration into IER SAS, France

Sale of the majority shares by Mr. Bajus and Mr. Schulte to IER SAS, France. Continuation of business as a service branch office for the arera of central and eastern Europe


Hannover airport

First contract in the aviation sector, on-site services at Hannover airport.


Foundation of Bajus & Schulte GmbH

General IT services, 5 empoyees